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  • Introducing the eccenca desktop search client eDiscoverer

    We are proud to introduce the all new desktop search client from eccenca.

    At a first glance eccenca Discoverer is just another desktop search. So why should the eDiscoverer boost your productivity in comparison to existing systems?

    The eDiscoverer features a superior fault-tolerant search and indexing technology. Besides it enables users to quickly find and review documents from remote severs. Companies usually don't allow desktop search engines to index fileshares over the network as the resulting increase in traffic has been linked to network break down. But how are we supposed to quickly find important documents on remote servers without being able to index network drives?
    eDiscoverer has the ability to seamlessly connect to eccenca server engines. These are directly placed on central file- or groupware-servers to avoid network traffic during indexing. Lightning fast document preview functions assure instant gratification and improved "findability" with eccenca - no matter if documents are stored locally or on a remote server.
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    Intodrucing the all new eccenca Discoverer.